COR Retreat Staff

Nancy Kaley, COR Retreat Program Director

Nancy Kaley
COR Retreat Program Director

Phone: 651-767-2702

Nancy Kaley BS, LADC is the Program Director and Facilitator of the COR Retreat. She is an alumnus of the program and since participating in November 2014 has experienced and maintained a 100 pound weight loss, improved health, neutrality around food, enhanced relationships and newfound personal joy and empowerment.

Before beginning her career with COR, Nancy worked as a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor for over 21 years. Nancy was employed in a variety of settings including Outpatient, Residential and Co-occurring which addresses both mental health and chemical dependency issues. She has enjoyed working at different times exclusively with women and men developing an ability to respond to the experience and unique needs of both. Nancy’s proficiencies and passion embrace the 12-Step model of recovery incorporating understanding about the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of self while working to heal, grow and build support with others who are experiencing the same challenges and success.

Nancy enjoys time with her 3 adult sons, extended family and many supportive friends she has met over years in the fellowship of recovery. She has a variety of interests including spending time at the family cabin, exercise, live music, reading and writing.


Kari Ealy, COR Retreat Assistant Facilitator

Kari Ealy
COR Retreat Assistant Facilitator

Phone: 952-237-2887

Kari Ealy, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, is the Assistant Facilitator of the COR Retreat. She is an alumnus of the program and since participating in October 2011 has experienced and maintained a 55 pound weight loss since COR (80 lbs down from top known weight), improved overall health, neutrality around food, strengthened relationships, peace and genuine happiness.

Before beginning her career with COR, Kari has worked as an RN for the last 20 years in a variety of areas. Kari worked in a hospital for over 10 years as a Labor and Delivery Nurse caring for both Moms and Babies. She was a charge nurse for the Labor and Delivery and Postpartum Units. Kari has spent the last 10 years working as an RN is the Early Childhood Family Education Program in her local school district. Kari is currently enrolled in Yoga Teacher training and plans to bring therapeutic yoga into her 12 Step Recovery Practice and teaching as well. She is currently assisting weekly at an adaptive Yoga class. Kari’s competence and caretaking support the 12-Step model of recovery. She is able to assist and support others on their recovery journey on a physical, emotional and spiritual level, while continuing to work on her own personal recovery journey.

Kari enjoys time with her husband, son and family dog. She has also found great support from her extended family and the fellowship of people that she has met on her journey in 12 step recovery. Some of her interests include spending time outdoors with her family and friends, running, biking, yoga and quiet time reading.

COR Retreat Organization and Affiliation

COR Retreat, Inc. is a Minnesota non-profit corporation and a tax-exempt public charity under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. COR Retreat is operated by a small staff. The daily schedule at COR Retreat is facilitated by its Program Director and faithful volunteers who seek to “pass on” a solution of hope and recovery. The registration fees paid by COR Retreat participants cover only a portion of the cost of each retreat and  ongoing administration. The balance of the expenses are funded by donations from those committed to help others overcome their food addiction.

COR Retreat is not affiliated with the programs offered by The Retreat. However, COR Retreat is fortunate to be able to utilize the McIver Center and offer The Retreat’s award winning, and healthy, cuisine to its participants. COR Retreat is also not affiliated with and does not represent Overeater's Anonymous, Inc. or any other recovery program.