COR Retreat:  A Food Recovery Program

Wherever you are on your journey of understanding and solving your battle with food, welcome. It is time to surrender and find serenity. We can help you on that path using the proven principles of a 12 Step recovery program.

"Cor" is the Latin word for "heart" or "soul".  Healing your spirit--your heart and soul--is at the center of the COR Retreat program of recovery from food addiction. 

COR Retreat is a residential retreat that teaches a way to live free from the obsession with food and the excess weight it causes.  It is a proven method to stop overeating.

Transformation has never been more possible. The COR Retreat program opens the doorway through which a solution for food addiction can be found. It is a path to spiritual fitness, emotional balance and recovery.

Join us in a safe and nurturing environment to map out your personal path to a more joyful, deeply satisfying journey of recovery from this condition that plagues so many of us.

Freedom from the bondage of food requires examination of the perceptions, attitudes and behaviors that keep us trapped in our addiction. Nowhere will you find a more profound or compelling opportunity to begin, deepen or recharge your recovery from food addiction than at COR Retreat.

COR retreats are scheduled throughout the year in the Minneapolis - St. Paul, MN, metro area at the McIver Center for Spiritual Development in Wayzata, MN. Join us for one of these five-day life changing experiences, filled with hope and a solution to your problem with food.


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Upcoming COR Retreats

August 7-11, 2024 - Waitlist Available
September 11-15, 2024
October 20-24, 2024 (EnCOR)
November 13-17, 2024

Registration closes 5 days prior to the start of each retreat.

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“I have hope-and I’ve not had that in a long time. Thank you.”

     — Kate

“What an awesome experience. This is just the beginning of a healthy relationship with food.”  

     — Kari

“What an amazing gift, learning how to recover one day at a time. The impossible (recovery) became possible for me here.”

     — Amanda

“I came here hopeless, ready to give up on life. Today, I leave with hope.  I am ready for anything, you have helped me so much.”

     — Nicole

This is truly a gift. I needed help and I got it here. I have tried everything including years of 12-Step recovery work. This program is a game changer.”  

     — Debi

“I was at the point of quietly quitting life or deciding to go all in-COR gave me the tools and understanding to go all in-and I’m so grateful.”

     — Katina

“Thank you COR for opening your doors to me and giving me the tools to fight my unhealthy obsession to sugar and food. I am so grateful.”

     — JoAnn

I am so deeply grateful for this program. I have gone from thinking "I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired” to “it feels so good to feel so good!”

     — Stefanie

The McIver Center

  • The McIver Center, Wayzata, MN
  • The McIver Center, Wayzata, MN
  • The McIver Center, Wayzata, MN
  • The McIver Center, Wayzata, MN
  • The McIver Center, Wayzata, MN

COR Retreat participants spend five days and four nights together at the McIver Center for Spiritual Development at The Retreat in Wayzata, MN. The McIver Center is located just 15 minutes west of Minneapolis, MN.

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